We’re MLAS

MLAS (Medical and Legal Admin Services) is an administrative organisation that delivers a full back office function for expert witnesses. This includes promotional, financial, logistics and administrative services enabling the business efficiency and growth of our expert community. In essence, they are there to support expert witnesses to deliver high quality, carefully considered, balanced reports in a timely fashion.

Services for Experts

MLAS recognises the time restrictions connected to additional professional responsibilities and will alleviate this burden to give experts their valuable time back. MLAS offers services such as administration, communication, chronology and pagination, logistics, promotion and marketing, finance and information security.

Instruct an Expert

MLAS’s expert community understands the importance of report deadlines and the need for an impartial, forensic eye. All experts are specialists in their field, so you can be confident when instructing them on fast track or multi-track claimant or defendant cases. MLAS facilitates this with a full administrative support service.

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Visit the MLAS website to find out more about the company and the services it offers.

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